How Long Does Slime Last?

It is the question that has been under our skins for lightyears now. How does Karina maintain her slime collection?

Slime doesn’t turn sour as the expression goes. It will typically remain intact in an airtight container for a few weeks. After that, you may need to reactivate your slime. If your slime melts like an ice cube you are just going to need to add more activator solution to it. Once the new activator is mixed, knead and continuously stretch the slime like Karina until satisfaction.

On the other hand, if your slime stiffens, you can always soak it in a bowl of warm water; this will loosen up the texture and bring it back to its original state.

However, if you find your slime is developing moldy attributes, you will want to toss it. This may be a result of the slime reeling in dust. And since slime is moist, the dust and water combine to facilitate the molding process.

A great way to maintain slime is by keeping it in a plastic baggie and placing it in the refrigerator. This will prolong your slime’s lifetime, giving you Karina quality slime.

Another great tip is holding onto the glue bottle (once empty) and filling it with water. The glue remnants will mix with the water creating a lotion-like substance. If you apply a few drops onto your slime every couple days, your slime will remain much healthier and durable.

A Quick Note: If you are making edible slime, you will need to refrigerate. Throw out after a few days.


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